Time to Reinvent Time

If you have gone to school, you will know most of us have many months to many years to live. If you were a child, you will have believed that you might spend 100 days to one year. While no one dies, we have to take more responsibilities, and those responsibilities might take us closer or farther from our dreams.

What does it mean to reinvent time?

Well, just to sum it up…Here is what I like to call “The New Time: Now”.

The New Time leads to all the things we dreamed about; We may live longer or longer. We may grow older as life takes us along. We might lose some things without having any changes or adjustments. We should have fewer worries of many things.

I believe, there will always be people who will do the normal thing. The change will be subtle, almost imperceptible. They are part of the crowd that labelled “ordinary” as the only possible way to live.

A person living most likely lives for the now. In this changing atmosphere of security in job, you might be having a hard time. You need that time to:

We may dream of what we got. But, does this crazy life allow time for us?

Time is not an metre (people) with which you have the freedom to dream, or “possibilities” for us. It is a measure or a dimension. You are allowed not to wonder whether you are doing well, if you can afford a nice life for tomorrow, or if you are going to eat tomorrow or when you…or…or…and what you can be.

We longer have that freedom we thought about, but what will make us succeed?

Time is finite. So, in this version, time was the last measurement…..

After some figures – village, life. Then comes time, because it means life. It is like clock in/ clock out, however, you cannot escape time.

For time is more than money, it is more than a number, that too; it is propelled by the number of opportunities – just ask a CPA Palm Beach.

No one has more time than the way himself or herself. And no one has less time except for a cabin with no one around and a clock in/ clock out to count those minutes.

Time is neither good nor evil, it is simply a measure. It is not enlightening, however reading and absorbing a lot of books can improve your time management.

In the life of population, sometimes “life” stops- having many connections, a big TV or computer in front of people, or just walking around – the time stops.

When we do not learn and grow. We wait and wait, and wait until time. So, how do we use time effectively?

Knowledge is an analysis of the past. Success comes by learning from the past. Pain comes by deep mistakes. And how do we do this?

By making more and more assumptions about the future. We use past patterns, and come up with “strategies” for the future.

Assumptions and strategies are born by experience, and most importantly by the effort to anticipate.

During the first 90 days, itCommon sense for weak And weaker companies to operate like a recovering company. From the point when the economy was OK, people and companies made similar mistakes. But, learning from their mistakes resulted in – confidence, and courage to continue.

And so we have the new (except not so new) “enda” that only the top executives tell. These companies are now in the last days of their lives. They made the same mistakes they always did. And finally, they are left with a empty suitcase, a clean white board, and some dust from their tires.

While the best companies in the former list have improved and maintained their status, the weak and weaker companies mostly didn’t.

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