Google Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is considered as one of the best Google SEO tools available. It has been a long time popular because of the simplicity it offers for the webmasters to know the webmaster details about the site. The description below will discuss about 5 important Google webmaster tools that you need to have if you want to do the optimization of your blog.

Ranking Tool

I am not going to explain how the ranking tool works in detail in this article as it is better for you to use SEO book or other resources for this. You just need to know how the tool works and you may promote a blog on the Google Search Engine and then you can get the details about the site ranking there. Webmaster tools helps the webmasters to know the site’s ranking in the Search Engine. The first thing that you can do after the installation of the tool is to see the Network Summary by typing in ‘’ in your browser and then you can see the detail about the site in detail including the PageRank as well as FindUs begin and EndMe. These details are nothing on your Google blogs as in this page are the Meta tags, Page titles and badges. The first thing you need to do before launching your blog on the net is to build and remove the badges from your site.

Traffic Analysis

There is no dearth of free tools available on the web but the Google webmaster tools are the ones which are being widely used by most of the bloggers such as a seller of designer clear bags. The Traffic Analysis is of great importance for the bloggers as it allows them to analyze the traffic analytics and they can follow up and get any kind of information like from the visits on which keyword, referring website and even the traffic journey of the site. Webmasters who use the tool offer their web pages which can be analyzed by using the Traffic Analysis tool.

SEO Checker

If you own a blog, SEO Checker can help you to get at a closer glance about your stats. This tool has the ability that allows you to see detailed data on your site’s ranking, on the sites that you are linking to and on the keywords that you are focusing on on the search engine and it can also help you to know and apply what you are doing right and what you are not doing right for the optimization of the site.

Page Grader

Page Grader is another great Google SEO tool as many of the bloggers are now using this tool for the optimization of the blog. This tool will help you to grade your site after it has been Optimized by the webmaster in case he needs some changes in the site. If you think the site has some flaws and you want to correct them, you can use this tool to do so. Page Grader also offers your domain page rank, anchor text, link density, and backlinks. These tools make the SEO job easy.

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